Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just want to congratulate my best friend Addison for recieving the best team player award.

-- The childprodigy

Check the pics from the musical!

Like parents like children.

Speaking of music...

Say goodbye to guns and bombs. The Malays are in town that means the weapons will be parangs and Aaron(pig)

Guys, don't forget to do physics homework. Useless!!!

This months fhm

Show of the night. Don't forget to watch. Speaking of stars...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye. No, seriously.

Due to lack of popularity, this blog shall be closed down in January 2010. Anyone interested to keep this page alive, send a petition with a 1000 signatures. But seriously, lameness aside this is the last month. Bye.

Btw, I need help!!! Fresh ideas for one last post. Then bye. Send requests in tag box. E.g.: teck sing in bikini. But not that though, it's for my own pleasure. Seriously. Leave a comment.

-- The childprodigy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

-- The childprodigy
Last year, mr boh auditioned for his quirky hair but was rejected. He the decided to take up the challenge again.

However he was rejected again. Enraged, he incinerated the judges. Well, we need to look for new judges. Tune in next week!!!

Superhero auditions

-- The childprodigy
With pressure on global security, president Barack rasyad Obama has opened an audition for young aspiring heroes.

In charge of photography is our author cum singer Ng Siang Yee.

First up is 'highpants' Aniqqqqqqqq.

Sarah let Desmond out of his pokeball for some tricks. However they were rejected.

Tze Yi's power needed rage so we got Siang Joo and Yek Keng to piss him off zhuang Wei to scratch his @¥£e bye.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good luck BAND!!!

Tune in next week for some friends who are superheroes who you are clueless about!!! (repeated from previous blog)

Xavier quit the Jonas brothers (boners sisters) yesterday sadly and got a sex change. We mourn the loss of such a talent.

No racism intended.

Boss malaymafia- Abdul 'minime' Nasir

No shit. At a quick glance...

Message from edi: hoi!!! See what see? Better come to band concert hor. 30th November. Buy your tickets from me. NOW!!! _|_

Not only can she write, she can SING!!! Come watch siangyee's performance. Once in a lifetime on the 30th November. Tickets priced at $10,$10 and $10. Book them early at sistic.